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Day of Celebrating

Where were you a year ago today? If you know anything about me and my recent life events, I am sure you know where this blog is going. ONE year ago today, I was walking down the aisle at my wedding. My DREAM wedding. Oh it was so perfect. Everything was exactly how I wanted it. All of the decorations looked fabulous. My soon-to-be husband was standing there waiting for me to say “I do.” I saw my best friends standing there too, smiling as big as they could watching me walk down the aisle.

All of this to say, a year ago today I was not myself. I was a 22-year-old recent college grad marrying the guy she had liked since 9th grade. I was a little grouchy most of the time. I did not enjoy the little (or big) moments. I especially did not know God.

I went to church weekly. We prayed at the wedding. I prayed with my husband everyday actually! One of my precious family friends gave my husband and me a gift and inside it was a note that talked about a statistic, “the divorce rate among couples who go to church together regularly is 1 out of 2--the same as among unbelievers. But the divorce rate among couples who pray together daily is 1 out of 1,153."

Oh WHAT?! EASY. I have got this down. Divorce was NOT on my mind, but with the stats so high, why not pray together everyday. Well we did it. And I made sure of it. Every morning before he left for work. But guess what. I am divorced.

This has been an all-over-the-place blog but I want to go back with this thought that I started with. Where were you a year ago today?

I’ve recently started reading the Bible in chronological order with one of my best friends and mentors from home. We are doing the plan together and it allows us to keep each other accountable with reading, and also be sure to find something we got out of the reading. I highly encourage you to get a friend or two and do the same!

I read about Joseph and honestly, I was bored. I actually was bored for the first time since I had started this reading plan. I was shocked at how much I DIDN’T know of the beginning of the Bible. A big wake-up moment for me for sure.

Joseph seems to be the story I really knew and had heard a million billion times. As I was reading, I really wanted to gain something new and I realized Joseph’s life SUCKED.

You might know how he ends up, and its pretty awesome (spoiler;)). But how does he start? His brothers SELL HIM. Then he goes to prison! His life sucks!

Then, in Genesis 41, we find out that Joesph is put IN CHARGE of Egypt! Talk about a big life change. He literally goes from being in prison to being in charge of the whole country.

I have had a rough year but nothing compared to Joseph. I know so many people have it so hard and I am thankful for the blessings God has given me. I have noticed that there will be hard times, but there can also be good times.

I have been really encouraged throughout the entire separation/divorce process and now dealing with life after divorce to be in constant communication with God. I do this by reading my Bible each day. I have definitely missed a few days, but I try to make it a big priority.

I also try to talk to God throughout the day. On my drive to work, getting lunch, walking Frank and even grocery shopping. I know that God loves me, He has blessed me so much and I really just love getting to chat with The Lord and share with him whats going on in my mind each day.

I share all of this to encourage you to get to know God if you don’t. Like I said, I married my best friend. Gosh I was in love with the dude for SUCH a long time and then the marriage didn’t even last 2 months. I never imaged it would have happened to me, but it did and I try daily to make the best of my life now.

I recently heard that the enemy tries to make us lose faith in Jesus and when he can’t do that, he makes our lives hard or miserable. The lady on the radio said that the best way to defeat the enemy when that happens is to get CLOSER to God. This is my goal. I want to always strive to be closer to God and lean more and more on Him each day.

I have had a crazy year, but I would be nowhere CLOSE to where I am today without my faith journey. I would love to encourage you in your walk with Christ or pray for you in anyway. Drop a prayer or comment in the box on the home page!


Morgan Leigh

p.s. Today is the anniversary of my wedding day buttttt I ain't married anymore sooooo why not celebrate something else?! I recently hit 2000 sales on my Etsy shop and have 8 best sellers! I have been having a blast running my little shop!

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