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Officially a Stay at Home Dog Mom!

Today is the day when all of my dreams come true…okay not really but a SUPER exciting day!

I am OFFICIALLY a stay at home DOG MOM! The past few months (or years) have been crazy awesome and I have seen God working in so many ways.

Recap: A year and a half ago my husband came home from a trip to say he wanted a divorce. I was broken, hurt and totally not sure how I would survive. Today I am telling you that not only have I survived, but thrived. I am thriving.

The thing that kept me in Houston when my husband said he wanted a divorce was my job. I woke up the next day, realized I truly loved my job and didn’t want to go home to my parents like he suggested. I also wanted to fight for my marriage. I didn’t want to just go because my husband said I needed to go. I wanted to fight for him. I did fight for him and for us.

Spoiler alert! That didn’t work and two months later, I walked out of a court room as a single gal with an apartment, a job I loved and a slow starting Etsy shop. I had NO idea what The Lord had in store for me. NO. IDEA.

I went to work every day and realized I truly loved financial planning. I am a nerd when it comes to planning and I just found so much joy in it. I kept my Etsy shop going and 5 months later, I celebrated 500 sales. Then I celebrated 1000 sales. Then I celebrated 2000 SALES on my 1 year wedding anniversary. Etsy was booming and COVID was a real thing. Life was crazy, but good.

Re-wind a bit to January right before I hit 500 sales, I made a super awesome set of car decals for a friend from college. It was fun to make the decals for him, but didn’t think too much about it. Everyone needed decals! Happy I could help!

Well I kept blogging during this time and this “friend”, Ethan, would send super encouraging messages about my blogs. We wouldn’t chat much, but he always provided encouragement to me when we did get to talk.

Fast forward to me hitting 3000 sales and that day getting a text from Ethan providing encouragement, yet again, about the things going on in my life. This was the beginning of the best thing ever! Ethan and I kept talking and the coolest thing is that most of our conversations were centered around God and how He was working in our lives. Long story short, Ethan now has lived in the Woodlands, about 10 minutes from my home, for 3 months now :)

Hitting 3000 sales was 1.5 months after I hit 2000 sales….soooo you can say that June and July were INSANE. So insane that I decided I wanted to build a home!

About 2 months after I began to build my home, I saw my friend Kelsey post that her husband called her “boss babe” for selling Pampered Chef and I thought that was the weirdest thing I have ever heard. My exact thoughts were, “why does he call her boss babe? Because she gets free skillets? That is odd.” Little did I know ;)

Well 2 weeks later, I started getting free skillets too...and also earning commission like Kelsey. LONG STORY SHORT…I am now a HUGE fan of Pampered Chef, I love selling it & making live videos soooooo I am now doing it FULL TIME! I am officially a stay at home dog mom. WAHOOO!

Wow. Wow. Wow. Tell that to the girl that literally didn’t know if she would be able to pay APARTMENT RENT a year and a half ago when her husband left. Yikes. How crazy it is when we let God take control.

I don’t want you to think that my life has been easy…because goodness gracious! It has been a wild ride. The most exciting thing I have to share is how my relationship with The Lord and trust in Him has grown. More like sky rocketed.

Being in a town 6 hours away from home when your husband leaves is tough. And somehow The Lord was so kind to me to open my eyes to the fact that I needed Him so badly. I did and I leaned HARD into Him.

I weirdly am thankful for my divorce because of my relationship with God. My divorce led me to lean into God so much, who would have thought?!

OH also p.s. I met Kelsey 2 days before I found out my husband wanted a divorce. My sweet friend Amy from Edmond connected me with Kelsey who lived 5 minutes from me in The Woodlands. We got lunch on a Friday, my husband said he was leaving on the next SUNDAY, so naturally I went to Kelsey’s house on Sunday to bawl my eyes out because I had nobody here…and now a year and a half later we are talking DAILY and she helped me start my Pampered Chef business. Kelsey – thanks for taking me in when we had met one time for 45 mins.

I don’t know HOW else this could happen other than my sweet and loving God. I mean wow. His timing is perfect. So perfect.

Back to the idea of trusting God. That has been my life motto the last 1.5 years. We are learning about spiritual gifts in my Bible study and the spiritual gift of Faith continues to jump out at me. That was my word for 2020! Faith.

My best pals Mel and Kirby got me this sign a year ago and I love seeing it daily. My favs from this….

- Worry ends when Faith begins

- The bridge between where you are and the place God is taking you

- Faith is the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase

- Let God take control

- When all you have is your faith, you have everything you need

The biggest line that is sticking out to me today is about taking the steps when you can’t see the whole staircase.

Look at that first step. Start an Esty shop. Honestly, when I made this little staircase picture, I was thinking of TONS of steps before and during I could add. Being raised in the church I think is a huge “step” or fact that sparked my relying on God during the divorce. I had finance classes with Ethan during college and that is crazy cool that we were able to reconnect and now be dating and loving doing life together! Knowing what Pampered Chef is from when my mom had it while I was growing up…look at me now (I have 120 products and truly love my new “job”)

I could go on and ON about things that happened in my life to get me where I am today but what I am so thrilled about is to continue everyday taking the next step and fully relying on God. It is so hard.

The decision to quit my job has been on my mind for a while. I absolutely loved my job and absolutely LOVED doing financial planning! But, the idea of staying home, traveling when I want, wearing leggings all day and getting to be with Frankie sounded more fun. I love the freedom I have now!

All of that to say, the decision to resign was difficult. Through a lot of seeking advice, prayer, confirmation of finances (had to make sure I would be able to live ya know!) and encouragement of my friends and family, I resigned. I was super nervous but shortly after was reassured by my decision just as days went on.

My excitement to be at home full time grew daily. The countdown til today began! 2 weeks. 1 week. ONE MORE SLEEP! Basically like it is Christmas morning!

This showed me that I made the right decision. This was the next staircase I needed to step on! I was terrified to take this certain step because of my love for finance and my job! I have no idea what the next step after this is, but I know that for now, I will be in my comfy clothes at home (or traveling!) while making decals, going on walks with Frankie boy, showing off my fav Pampered Chef products and growing with The Lord. And I am PUMPED for all of this!

God is so so kind to me and I just can’t believe the way my life has turned out. Can’t wait for what He does next! stay tuned :)


Morgan Leigh

p.s. I’d love to have to follow along my Pampered Chef journey! I go live weekly with recipes, tips and tricks! Also I have an Air Fryer giveaway now!

Let's get to work, Frankie!

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