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My Goodbye (forever) Kiss aaaand also...I am Going Back to SCHOOL!

Today is a big day, friends! 6 months ago today I had my last kiss with my husband. AND today I am officially a college kid again as I am going back to school!

Wow. 6 months ago today was the last time I ever gave my husband a kiss. Or a hug. I had no idea it would be the last one...forever. He was leaving for two weeks to go on a work trip and the Uber arrived to pick him up. I walked him outside, he loaded his bags and then gave me a hug and a kiss. I started crying. My husband of a month and a half was leaving for two weeks & I was gonna miss him!! Little did I know, it would be the last happy memory I had with him. Ugh.

As I reflect back on the last 6 months, it seems like an eternity. These last 6 months have been unbelievable I’m so many ways. I started out being a married woman in a new city and I’m now, 6 months later, a single gal going back to school in a city I love with people I love, a job I love, a church I love, and most importantly, a God who I now truly know and love.

Also as I am thinking about the events over the last 184 days, I am proud of myself. I have grown SO. DANG. MUCH. I’m a new person. I feel better. I feel different. I’m happy and joyful. I’m not happier and more joyful because I’m divorced. I’m not happier and more joyful because I’m not with my husband. I’ve said it before, he was my best friend. I loved him so much, more than I can even explain. BUT I didn’t focus on God. I have a very vivid memory of a conversation I had with my ex before we even started dating. I told him I wasn’t close with God but I wanted to be. He said he wasn’t either but he was working on it and we could work on it together. I absolutely held onto this and it just never happened. We tried but we didn’t try good enough, clearly! Look at us now. I’m not blaming him. It was equally us together. I should have made it more a priority and I didn’t. This is something I will remember for my future and remember that I want to make God a priority in is so important to have Him in the center.

And that is why I am happier and more joyful today. I know for a fact it is because of my love for God and my excitement for Him and making Him the center of my life. I’ve never ever had this much love and excitement and constant conversations with God as I have in the past 6 months. I’m excited for what God has in store for my future!! Maybe it’s getting married again one day. Maybe it’s getting another dog😏 Maybe it’s getting to stay in The Woodlands for a long time (i seriously love it here) Whatever it is, I’m here and ready to follow His plan for me.

A big plan I have seen God showing me lately is the idea of going back to school! In April of 2019, I graduated with a degree in Finance. I loveeeee finance and truly have MY DREAM JOB. It is SO fun, but I struggle with not knowing much about accounting. I do not at all have to know much accounting for my job, but I am realizing it would help me a lot. So in the fall I talked to my boss about me going back to school and he thought it was awesome that I wanted to do that! So I looked into classes and I start TONIGHT! I can honestly say I am excited and this is how I know it is God's plan for me.

I always have liked school, but I only ever read 1 textbook for fun (nerd alert) and that was rare. I didn't like reading outside of class (let's be real I never did it) but I got my textbook earlier this week and spent HOURS reading about it and prepping for school this week. WHAT. That is weird. Not normal for Morgan at all. I am excited about school. I am excited about gaining more knowledge in accounting and using it at my current job!

Another reason I am going back to school is to better myself. Gaining more knowledge, especially in accounting, will never hurt anything. This information I am learning will help me with a lot in life, in my business and mainly in my 8-5 job. When I graduated and got married, I was NEVER thinking about going back to school. My husband and I talked all the time about me working for a few years and then having kids and then me staying home with them. Why would I need to furthur my education if I was going to be a stay-at-home mom?! Going back to school did not ever cross my mind when I was married. Noooooo thank you.

Well, now since I am not having children ANY time soon, I get to re-think my "life plan". Honestly, my life plan got very messed up with the divorce, but that also reminded me it will never be "my" plan. It is always God's plan. I trust sooo much that God's plan for me will be so fabulous and I am really trying hard to not worry about the future. Will I get married and have kids? WHO KNOWS but I do know I can go to school and enjoy my time learning about accounting now. So that is what I am doing! I am loving living my life for God and His plan. Not for "MY" future plan. And this is SO FUN.

I say this is fun because it really takes a lot of worry out of my situation. Through the divorce, I was worrying about my life and if I would even get to have kids and if I would even get to do all this stuff. Well who cares. It does absolutely NO good to worry about that because I do NOT WANT to control that. I want to let go and let God. That is a super cliche saying, but goodness it sounds fabulous.

Happy Thursday friends! I am celebrating doing okay after a sad milestone for me. Duh I loved my husband so duh I liked giving him a kiss. And that is no longer. So it is weird to think it has been 6 months, sometimes it seems like longer and sometimes it seems way shorter. But I am okay! I am thriving actually. I am pumped to be on a new college campus in Houston and have fun colored pens for note taking in my cutie new notebook. I am trusting God so much with my life and truly wanting to follow His plan for me! I ask that you pray for me as I start school and as I continue to grow.

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Morgan Leigh

Full-time financial planner, full-time dog mom, part-time student. I’m SO ready for you, 2020!

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